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Made in Shoreditch

I also contribute a weekly column to Made in Shoreditch magazine called 'Old East End/New East End', where I look at the relationship between the East End of old and new, looking at the changes and the stalwarts in landscape, residents and culture, focussing on one street or district each week. You can find it here.

5 of the Best - Law and Order

Monday, 26 July 2010

The theme today is Law and Order... enjoy.

Bob Dylan - Hurricane: An absolute masterpiece based on the injustice of the conviction of boxer Ruben 'Hurricane' Carter.8 minutes slip by so quickly as one is immersed in the sheer power of this great song.

The Clash - Police and Thieves: Hard to choose between this and Junior Murvin's original. I chose this version just because of the superb rasped vocal Joe Strummer applies to it. Gives it an edge.

Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues: Has to be in here. "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die". Great!

N.W.A. - Fuck the Police: Is this the most controversial song ever or just a great protest song? That, my dears, is for you to decide!

Prince Buster - It's Burke's Law: "Wob way dob way dob, way dob way dob". Feeling down? Listen to this!